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Sea of Green Gardening

Fine Gardening | Design | Maintenance

The VonErnst Residence

Altadena, California

What started as a formal rose garden eventually turned into a gradual re-design of the entire property. Much of the pre-existing landscape remained, while perennials, grasses, and seasonal color were added.

  • Before:

    VonErnst ResidenceVonErnst Residence: BeforeVonErnst Residence: BeforeVonErnst Residence: BeforeVonErnst Residence: Before

  • After:

    VonErnst Residence: AfterVonErnst ResidenceVonErnst ResidenceVonErnst Residence: AfterVonErnst ResidenceVonErnst Residence: AfterVonErnst Residence: AfterVonErnst Residence: After

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